List of current projects I'm working on.

Distance Sensing Blind Cane

The distance sensing apparatus converts the distance to angular rotation giving a gradual feedback for blind for the objects/obstacles facing the sensor.

This Arduino project is very easy to build with a distance sensor and servo motor.

Sreyash got this idea that can be helpful for the blind while doing his 5th grade science project to find acoustic properties of materials.

Proximity Sensing Switches

Distance sensing proximity controlled switch can be used to turn on and off switches by moving close and away from the sensor. This can be useful for elderly or people with problems like arthritis that makes them tough to turn on and off switches. This is also useful where the sanitary conditions are required like hospitals and public places.


This Arduino project plays different tones on xylophone based on the distance from the sensor. By moving closer or farther from sensor one can play different tunes.