Sreyash Sola with Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, explaining his research & inventions.

Thank you very much Congresswoman Comstock for this opportunity & recognition. Thanks for your support!!! Had a great time and thank you for joining us in the tour to the Capitol!

With Congresswoman Barbara Comstock
Speakers Balcony
Sreyash Sola receiving award from Congress Woman Ms. Comstock

Thank you for all who visited Sreyash's booth at World Maker Faire 2017!!

Sreyash received Editor's Choice Award at the World Maker Faire 2017 for the new inventions he brought to the Faire!!! He also received Editor's choice award in 2016 for the original invention.

Sreyash Sola on Teq
Editor's Choice Award at World Maker Faire 2016
Editor's Choice Award at World Maker Faire 2016

About Sreyash

Nagasai Sreyash Sola loves science and technology and using them to help people in need. He was part of award winning Odyssey of the mind and FLL teams. National finalist of NASA's Mars competition. Three time semi-finalist of NASA Future Engineers's challenge to 3D design, winner in 2016 to win 3D printer for his school. He also won Maker Faire Editor's Choice Award during World Maker Faire 2016 for his project/invention to help blind people using distance sensing technology. Full story on Makezine

Explaining Distance Sensing Cane
With Honorable Delegate Jennifer B. Boysko
At NoVa Maker Faire
My new friend...
94.7 Fresh FM Crew
Make and Inspire
Thank you CapitalOne


Following are some of Sreyash's projects inventions to help people with disabilities and vision problems.

Sreyash would love to hear any feedback you may have. Please use the link to reach out to Sreyash.

Distance Sensing Blind Cane

The distance sensing apparatus converts the distance to angular rotation giving a gradual feedback for blind for the objects/obstacles facing the sensor.

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Proximity Controlled Switches

Distance sensing proximity controlled switch can be used to turn on and off switches by moving close and away from the sensor.

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This Arduino project plays different tones on xylophone based on the distance from the sensor.

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Next Steps...

Sreyash is actively working on making more things for helping people in need and to enhance the devices he already have. Please feel free to write to Sreyash if you have any suggestions, feedback or if you can support him in any other way.

Please take few minutes to click on the link to provide your valuable feedback.